I wanted to start this article with a little bit about how nobody likes spam… but that would be a lie.

I really like Spam. The variety of food. And that’s because my wife’s Chinese family have delicious spam-appealing recipes that have been diced and sautéed with delicious Napa cabbage and other fine ingredients. If I had ever eaten Spam before I met her, I don’t remember – and I certainly wouldn’t have bought it on purpose myself due to the reputation of canned ham.

But now, thanks to a personal recommendation and a delivery on the promise of taste, I’m a fan of spam, and I know I’m not alone. You could even say that Spam brings people together, that it’s a #FoodFunnel as Stephanie Liu likes to joke.

So trust me when I say that not all E-mail is bad. That’s not all Spam. There are actually quite a few email newsletters that I subscribe to and I honestly look forward to receiving them – some even daily!

The following is a list of marketing and industry related newsletters and skipped information providers that will whet your appetite and serve you spectacular entries on a regular basis.

See, what makes a great newsletter, well, well, is when it delivers to your inbox exactly like DoorDash what you ordered, consistently.

Let’s see what’s on the menu.


You might have guessed that I was going to start with Ann Handley’s masterpiece. It’s like seeing what today’s fresh peach is at the top of the menu – the best, tastiest, best not to read right now item on the menu. Ann’s ‘bimonthly’ newsletter (damn, she even makes the sound frequency amazing) provides wonderful stories and marketing information in a format that is cohesive and in itself something to admire.

Sign up here: https://annhandley.com/newsletter/

2. Morning Brew

This is one of the four daily newsletters I swear on, and the very first one I crack every morning. After removing all the unwanted and automated notifications from my inbox, I sit down with my morning coffee and start tearing up my morning coffee like a Chocolate bread from my favorite brasserie in Paris. (It’s as messy as it sounds.) Morning Brew is the perfect synopsis of news and tech to keep you up to date, not only with what’s being discussed on social media, but as a human.

Sign up here: https://www.morningbrew.com/daily/r/?kid=b8929dff

3. Business intern

Although I am not a paid Business Insider subscriber, I do appreciate receiving their list of “10 things in tech you need to know every day”. Each point is succinct and timely, and gives me context as I read or see other things happening throughout the day, such as the latest marketing technology acquisitions.

Sign up here: https://newsletter.businessinsider.com/join/free

4. New York Times

The Times is one of the many publications and outlets that I regularly pay a subscription to, this daily newsletter is free and a great place to get an overview of today’s news and headlines. There are a few newsletters to choose from, but today’s headlines are what I like.

Sign up here: https://www.nytimes.com/newsletters

5. Marketing Brew

The last daily email I swear on is Morning Brew’s hip and younger brother, Marketing Brew. Although the chefs and the cuisine are different, the food is still delivered with the same high degree of quality and mouth-watering relevance. You’ll learn what’s going on in the world of advertising agencies, the latest social media developments, and more!

Sign up here: morningbrew.com/marketing/r/?kid=b8929dff

So much for the daily specials. The rest of these selections have been chosen to allow you to subscribe to as a omakase sushi meal. Leave the choice to me, and I promise you each of these newsletters will regularly deliver bursts of marketing flavor to your inbox.

6. Agorapulse

The # 1 ranked social media management tool is committed to being the best source of information and education for social media managers and as such posts multiple blog posts per week on various tactics and social media strategies. You will learn something new and valuable every week. If Gordon Ramsey taught social media it would be like this, but without judgment.

Sign up here: https://www.agorapulse.com/blog/

7. Brand behavior

From Juntae Delane and her team, this curated newsletter – like the New York Times recipe section – is 100% focused on helping you define and grow your digital brand.

Sign up here: https://digitaldelane.com/brand-behavior/

8. Bryan kramer

We constantly hear how our online interactions should be more authentic, how our stories should be more personal, how well our steak should be done, but not many people are really talking about what it really looks like. Bryan’s newsletters are compelling and timely.

Sign up here: https://bryankramer.com/

9. Chris Brogan

If you compared Chris Brogan to a famous chef, it obviously would be Jaime Oliver. Like Oliver’s Naked chef series, Chris Brogan breaks down current marketing and business dilemmas, puts them into real terms, and offers simple approaches that Help me it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are on your trip.

Sign up here: https://chrisbrogan.com/nl/

10. Christopher Penn

If Penn’s Almost timely newsletter were a recipe we would rate it 5/5 but with an advanced difficulty score and a prep time value of over 20 minutes. There’s an awful lot of delicious value in this weekly deal, and Christopher has one of the most analytical minds in the business, so brace yourself for some incredible stats employed as a sous chef to bolster his point.

Sign up here: https://www.christopherspenn.com/newsletter/

If all of these food analogies make you hungry, why not take a snack break?

11. Cole schafer

Do you want to know why my ragù is better than yours? Hours are spent pampering the ground meats with butter and milk and splashing wine, while the tomatoes, onions and garlic explode with caramelized goodness in my Crueset. I imagine Cole leaned over his keyboard the same way, pushing out paragraphs with a wooden spoon until every ounce of flavor oozed out. Oh, and he also writes a really good newsletter on writing.

Sign up here: https://www.honeycopy.com/stickynotes

12. Heidi cohen

When you are in Barcelona, ​​you absolutely take the time to visit Can Culleretes in the heart of the old Gothic Quarter for quintessential Catalan cuisine. Likewise, when you want to discover authentic marketing and sales information, you turn to Heidi Cohen and her Actionable Marketing newsletter.

Sign up here: https://heidicohen.com/subscribe-to-actionable-marketing-newsletter/

13. Lights, camera, live

Have you ever been looking for a restaurant where the vibe and vibe is as fresh and exciting as the food? Maybe where you’ll be served sizzling Mexican fusion cuisine on a cast iron skillet while a mariachi band plays too loud somewhere nearby. That’s what Stephanie Liu offers with her Lights, Camera, Live newsletter – a succulent look at the latest social media developments today, especially as it relates to live video and strategy.

Sign up here: https://www.lightscameralive.com/

14. Mark Schaefer

One of my favorite columns in the local newspaper is where The Journalist’s Pace goes through all the new restaurants and the latest menu changes. Every week he tells me what’s new, what’s open, and where I should plan to ditch my next night out budget. Mark Schaefer brings his decades of marketing experience and observations to the fore each week by telling you exactly what he thinks about something that is going on, a poké bowl trend that he has cleverly spotted.

Sign up here: https://businessesgrow.com/subscribe/

15. Hyperdrive Marketing

Like this restaurant writer, let me now share with you the new kid on the block, a fun joint where the food is new, but familiar. Delicious like buttered lobster on a bed of polenta, but not pretentious like Beluga caviar.

Marketing Hyperdrive is my new weekly newsletter and features unique insights and thoughts on today’s marketing world, as well as the latest articles and training opportunities from myself and trusted colleagues.

Sign up here: https://www.thesocialmediahat.com/marketing-hyperdrive/

I’m sure I was the only one who impatiently sat down spying on my server to see when they would finally come out of the kitchen with our steaming dishes piled high on a serving plate held up as the tribute. of this year’s king. Hungry and munching on every last crumb of bread until, finally, the chef’s culinary creation is placed in front of me and my fork is already stuffing food in my face as the waiter asks if I need more thing, what i mumble to stop bothering me i eat.

Maybe it’s just me, in which case you won’t mind waiting a day or three for some of these newsletters to start arriving at your table. But they will arrive, if you order them, don’t forget to tip your waiter.

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Originally posted 2020-10-05 03:58:58.


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