3 Passive Income Secrets

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Dear heritage researcher …

Let me ask you the following questions …

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, I have good news for you. You will discover …

I’m going to reveal the magic formula that I use to earn thousands of dollars in autopilot every week … without a product, without a website or even without a list.

But first, let me introduce myself …

My name is Steven Hall, I retired in 2003 (29 years old) because I found a way to earn more money online than what I earned from my day job.

Now my income is 100% fully automated.

Not having to work means that I am free to travel (and live) anywhere in the world.

For me, this is the most valuable benefit of passive income.

Thanks to the freedom of my fully automated passive income, I was able to meet my wife. I would like to share with you a very personal video of our special day. Because without passive income, this would never have happened …

I guess this is not what you would expect on a website to make money. I am not a faceless website trying to sell you something. I’m an authentic, normal guy who discovered a really great way to make money. And I want to share it with you.

So now that you know me a little better (and my beautiful wife Karol), it’s time for me to share my PASSIVE INCOME SYSTEM with you.

My passive income system …

My system works thanks to 3 powerful secrets.

I’d love to take you “behind the scenes” and show you each of these secrets in action. When I reveal how the system works, I’m sure you will agree that this is a fantastic way to make money …

Making money from other peoples’ products is much easier than trying to create your own product. I discovered it the hard way. I started with my own product. A simple ebook that I wrote myself. Writing the book took a long time, as did creating a web page to sell it!

I wanted to make more money, but I had nothing else to sell.

Since then, I have never looked back.

I have now sold thousands of products as an affiliate … in dozens of different markets (most of which I know absolutely nothing about), I couldn’t have made all of these products myself.

Fortunately, the products you sell already have sales letters.

If you want to make a lot of money, selling other peoples’ products saves you time and allows you to skip a LOT of learning curves. They know what they are doing. They have great products. They have a fantastic sales copy. They do all the hard stuff … you just get paid.

Making money by selling products from other people is the best way to make money because …

Selling products from other peoples is much easier than you think. You can get started in minutes and most products include sales tools that you can just copy and paste.

Now let’s see secret number 2 …

There is a well-established psychological law called the law of reciprocity. It indicates that when you do something for another person, they are much more likely to do something for you.

In sales, this translates to …

Give something of value, get the sale.

The reciprocity law is the reason why many insurance companies give free pens. Pens cost money. Companies only distribute them because they know it increases the likelihood of getting the sale.

What’s crazy is that you can …

Offer EVERYTHING that is perceived to be valuable in increasing your sales.

It doesn’t have to be a physical object, it can be free advice, a tip, a secret, something entertaining or even a funny picture! All of these examples have been shown to increase the likelihood of a sale through the law of reciprocity.

This is the most important secret of all …

If you want to make money, you need a system that works for you. Don’t sell your time for money. This is how a job works … and it will NEVER make you rich. Time is limited … systems are not.

My system fully automates Passive Income Secret 1 and 2

We have a little caveat here … As I mentioned before, you need to do a little “work” to get started. But it only takes a few hours. After that, the system does all the work for you.

In just a few hours of reading this page, you will have a whole new 100% passive income stream. My system will do all the work for you. It operates on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It never stops … and neither does your income!

To create a system that can provide you with fully automated passive income, I took advantage of 3 powerful resources. The first 2 allow you to earn money by selling products from other peoples, the third automates the process and does all the work for you!

Our 1st resource is ClickBank

ClickBank provides the products that my system will sell for you. They have tens of thousands of products in dozens of different markets. ClickBank is easy to use, fast, reliable and very profitable.

Thanks to ClickBank, my system has thousands of products that it can sell for you …. Now it needs a place to sell them …

Our 2nd resource provides an established platform from which we can sell ClickBank products. It is one of the most powerful and popular social media platforms on the Internet … Twitter!

Twitter is the perfect platform to make money by selling other peoples’ products because …

I don’t expect you to already have a Twitter account. So now I know you don’t have followers. It is very good.

The third resource I used is a little more complicated.

This resource did not already exist, so I had to create it.

If you are a computer programmer, you will find this interesting … If you are not a computer programmer, you can skip the following sentence!

The system uses a MySQL database of Tweets triggered by a Cron task which activates a PHP script to create an RSS feed linked to IFTTT and published on Twitter on an endless loop.

OK, I promise you … no more technical jargon!

That’s how it works … now without the jargon, that’s what it does …

Once I had everything set up, I had a fully automated system that posted affiliate links to my Twitter account every few hours on an endless loop!

I sat down with a huge smile on my face and waited for my commissions to arrive …..

This does not happen. Instead of….

Twitter has suspended my account!

Twitter really doesn’t like duplicate content. So while my Tweets were looping, my account was suspended.

But I was not ready to give up!

My system posted my affiliate links on Twitter on an endless loop. It was 100% fully automated, but the duplicate content resulted in my Twitter account being suspended.

I needed to find a way to automatically publish my affiliate links, without triggering the duplicate content policy of Twitter …. and I found one !!!

Let me introduce you to “Spinning” …

Rotation can transform a single Tweet into hundreds of unique random combinations.

To show you how it works, here is a very simple example of word rotation. Click (Rotate) below to rotate the word “Morning”. Keep clicking, there are lots of options to see! (Guess who’s my favorite!)

This example is completely random, but it only spins a single word. So this often produces the same result. However, you can rotate all of the words in a Tweet …. or even the entire Tweet!

Now let’s see a Tweet that my system automatically posts to my Twitter account …

This is just one of my tweets.

I have more Tweets like this, promoting my affiliate links and putting money in my pocket completely automatically.

Thanks to the rotation, each Tweet is generated randomly, so I have an endless loop of unique Tweets which are automatically published on my Twitter account. Everyone promotes a product that pays me a huge commission!

You could have a list of Tweets like mine in about 30 minutes. Then my PASSIVE INCOME SYSTEM will post your tweets to your Twitter account fully automatically. You will have an endless loop of unique Tweets promoting your affiliate links FOREVER!

My system is called AutoTweet, and it will feed your Twitter account like that forever!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Without any extra effort, you can turn each fully automated Tweet into an ATM that pumps more and more money into your pocket every week.

This incredible passive income comes from a single Tweet, promoting a ClickBank product.

ClickBank offers thousands of products like this one, with ongoing membership programs that pay you a commission every month.

Do you want to know the most powerful (and most profitable) feature of AutoTweet?

You can configure as many AutoTweet campaigns as you want. Everyone can target a completely new market. There are tens of thousands of products on ClickBank that you can sell and hundreds of markets to choose from.

Once you’ve finished setting up your first campaign (and AutoTweet does all the work for you), you can just choose a new market and start over.

Book a few hours each night and have 7 fully automated passive income streams online in a week … or even more!

I hope you are starting to see the power to sell other people’s products on autopilot on Twitter. It is one of the easiest and best ways to make money online. It’s completely unlimited and you can get started immediately, with no previous experience.

I imagine now you have questions … here are my answers to the questions that I think most people will have. If I don’t answer your question here, please email me at s.hall@simplesolutions.club

In fact, it’s best to start with a brand new account. I don’t expect you to use an existing account to do this, I’ll show you how to start from scratch. Even if you’ve never used Twitter before and don’t know how it works.

Within 2 hours of reading this page, you will have a Twitter account that makes great people fall on them to follow you. It will be filled with the latest news (specific to a niche), brimming with value and promoting many products that will pay you huge commissions!

Even better, thanks to AutoTweet … it will do all of this COMPLETELY AUTOMATICALLY!

Once you have created your free affiliate account with ClickBank, take a look at the products available on the market and click on the “Promote” button to create your affiliate link. Then simply add the link at the end of your Tweet.

In the members area, I will show you my exact workflow. Watch, pause and copy. It’s really quick and very easy.

There are also products that you can sell that have an ongoing membership program. When you sell one of these products, you get paid over and over, every month as long as the customer remains a member.

For obvious reasons, I tend to stick to their promotion as much as possible!

You can start today. It only takes a few hours to configure everything, then AutoTweet will do all the work for you! Your business will be 100% fully automated. You will never have to touch or think about it again.

When you want to make more money, just choose another market and create another AutoTweet campaign! AutoTweet is completely unlimited, so you can do it as many times as you want.

Sure. In fact, I can show you. Here is a short video that I have prepared to show you exactly how I use AutoTweet …

I provide a lot of videos like this in the members area.

Watch, pause and copy.

You’ll be up and running in a few hours. After that … AutoTweet will do all the work for you and your income by being 100% passive FOREVER!

AutoTweet is 100% user friendly for beginners. It’s very simple to use and it works. Here are some comments from our members:

“Let me tell you how happy I am to have met your site: this is the first time in years that I have found a program managed by a real decent and intelligent human! I am prey to scammers, liars, gurus, et al, as well as millions of other people.

But when I found your AutoTweet idea, the penny finally dropped. It is so sensitive, logical and obvious, that a broad smile crossed my face as I read everything in one sip. “

Tim Stoker – Hamburg, Germany

“I’ve been using Auto Tweet for a while now. I liked the idea that the program could promote my offers to me on autopilot, I mean who wouldn’t do it these days, because we all lead busy lifestyles, right? It’s also a great way to help build my Twitter followers too, which will be very helpful.

It is very simple to set up and helped by the fact that Steven has provided very easy to follow educational videos that guide you step by step to get you started quickly. He even gives you tips on how to monetize it and use it to its fullest advantage! I highly recommend that you take a look at it – see for yourself what it could do for you. “

Darrell Cridland – Vietnam

“I really like using Autotweet!” It’s fun and I can advertise all of my important URLs. Steven Hall’s biggest idea was to allow me to set a deadline for the distribution of my Tweets.
If you check this out, I’m sure you will come in and start using it TODAY!

Thank you for giving me this great opportunity, Steven! “

Paulo Oliveira – Massachusetts, United States

“Having used multiple auto-tweet apps before, I find Autotweet extremely easy to set up and use. The perfect time-saver for all social media marketers, beginners and more experienced business people. . “

John Fagalde – Miami, Florida, United States

“Autotweet automates advertising via a (boring) part of my business Twitter, so that I can focus on creating imaginative content for my core business.”

Lawrence Taffaro – New Orleans, LA, United States

I invested a lot of time in creating this system, testing it, fine-tuning it and perfecting it. I use it to make money on Twitter thanks to the autopilot. (That’s why I created it!) Now I want to give you the opportunity to use it too …

I would now like to ask you a question. A very important …

This is one of the most important questions on this page. If you have a “millionaire mindset”, earning money is EASY! If you are struggling to make money, you have a “poverty mindset” and before you are rich, that has to change.

Every wealthy person I have ever met, and this includes many self-taught multimillionaires, attributes their success to the right mindset.

Most of them were not born with a millionaire mindset, they had to develop one, through study, focus and unwavering belief.

Changing your mindset is difficult. It is deeply rooted in your subconscious, the same place that houses your addictions, habits and fears.

If you have a phobia, you probably know it’s irrational. But conscious reasoning does not make it disappear. Having a poverty mentality is exactly the same thing. No matter how much you want to make money, you can’t reason with your mindset to make it change.

To change your mindset, you need to go a little further …

Nowadays, it seems like everything you buy online comes with a myriad of free bonuses. Usually, this is unnecessary waste collected from DPP websites to “ fatten up ” the agreement. It is a well known marketing gadget.

The free bonus that I will offer you is very different

In addition to being an entrepreneur, I am also a certified hypnotist with more than 25 years of experience. In the 1990s, I was a stage hypnotist, then I ran a very successful private hypnotherapy clinic. I am also PNL and coach in attraction law.

I was the first person to receive the title of Master Trainer for the Association of Cosmic Ordering Practitioners and I have written several books and given numerous seminars on conscious manifestation.

My particular area of ​​expertise is to help people develop a millionaire mindset.

If you want to succeed, it’s not enough to copy my business model. You also need the right mindset.

I created an audio series called “The Millionaire Mindset”. It is designed to reprogram your mind so that you attract wealth like a magnet attracts metal.

I have successfully sold the audio program “The Millionaire Mindset” for many years. My clients love it because it works. Here are some of the many comments I get on this program …

“I listened to Steve’s meditations with great interest on two fronts. Firstly because I want to know the methods to get myself into good financial efficiency, find these gold nuggets of ideas that could transform my financial situation, and then because I’m a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in anxiety and stress and wanted to hear someone else’s therapy sessions rather than mine for a change!

So after listening to the sessions once, I can report very positive results so far.

The amount of ideas that came to my mind to advance my therapy work, to broaden the audience at a reduced cost for me, allowing me to offer more for free is breathtaking!

Literally, idea after idea, it keeps coming to my mind!

The sessions themselves are very professional in their construction using a multitude of techniques inducing trance to ensure a powerful and pleasant session. Each session is carefully designed, layering suggestions on top of suggestions for building deeper levels of absorption into the subconscious. “

Pete Linforth – Clinical Hypnotherapist

“I have been interested in options trading for some time now, and have invested a lot of time learning different trading strategies.

But when the time came to actually execute a trade, I was very scared. It was an irrational fear, because I knew I was well prepared and well funded. I didn’t know where the fear came from, but it was strong and real, and it kept me from moving forward.

Your explanation of why I might have this fear and your solution give me hope. I’ve only listened to your audio files once so far, but I’m already rekindled about trading options and I don’t feel the kind of fear I used to feel.

Thank you very much for helping me overcome my fear of making money. I am now excited and looking forward to a successful series of option trades.

Thank you again for this wonderful program of positive meditations. “

Bob brekke
IT Operations Manager
San Antonio, Texas

“Steve, your” Millionaire Mindset “audio program is a must!

I felt so motivated and really changed the way I think about money and being wealthy.

Last night I listened to the motivation session again, and when I started to visualize how I wanted my future to be, I had a real change of emotions, I was smiling, I was feeling happy and I had a tingling in my body, now it was really a WOW moment!

Thank you for showing me your meditations. Not only do I feel the change, but by listening to the evening meditations, I find it a great way to relax, unwind and sometimes fall asleep! I do know, however, that even while I sleep, my subconscious will absorb everything. Thank you “

J Myers (entrepreneur)
Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

“It all started when I started listening!

The Mindset Millionaire Mindset series CHANGES EVERYTHING! Not only has my attitude towards winning changed … but my vision is clearer and opportunities that I could not even have imagined a few weeks ago find me!

So thank you Steve for your amazing gift! I hope you realize the deep opportunity you have given to those (like me) who were experiencing financial difficulties. If you knew how much I listened to your recordings, you will certainly realize how much more valuable they are than what I paid for … and you would probably be sick of me now! 😉 “

Suni speaks
Founder of the S-Unit Empowerment Army
Alpena, Michigan

“Listening to the Millionaire Mindset has become my number one daily task. The simple fact that I don’t need to concentrate, but to hear the words and get the message is a big bonus. It makes me want to do every task is necessary for me every day and I know that each time I listen, my productivity increases a little more because I know that I don’t have to be afraid to succeed. “

Steven Lucas
Internet Marketing

“Steven, as a hypnotist, I have to say” job well done “. I am amazed at the depth of the trance and the value of the script. You really understood!”

James Sadler,
Guthrie, OK

When you join AutoTweet, I will give you my completely free “Millionaire Mindset” audio program.

I will also share with you several videos that will help you break the cycle of poverty and begin to attract the wealth you want. This is my area of ​​expertise and I think it is the most important part of your training.

To start using AutoTweet, click on the order link for your preferred membership option below. Your order will be processed on a secure server, you will then have instant access to the members area.

I’ve created a series of easy-to-follow step-by-step videos to help you get started on your first AutoTweet campaign TODAY. Just watch the video, take a break and copy what I’m doing. No previous experience required! AutoTweet is totally suitable for beginners. Click on the order link below to start now …

After one year, if you want to continue using AutoTweet, you will have to purchase again. If you do not want to continue using AutoTweet, do nothing. You will never be charged.

If you decide to invest in AutoTweet, you are protected by my 60 day money back guarantee. So if you change your mind, let me know and I’ll pay you back every penny. No questions asked. Also, I want you to know that your AutoTweet membership does not have a minimum login or contract period. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

I bring as much value to my customers as possible because I believe the more value I put in the world, the more I get. And I believe in treating people the way I like to be treated. This is why I offer my unconditional guarantee, if you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, then I am not happy to accept your money.

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee


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