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Dear friend,

You’re about to
discover a unique tool
which is designed to automate
and significantly speed up the most
common IT tasks such as:

– Research
online – Copy, cut,
Paste, cancel orders.
Opening URLs in browsers or
email addresses in the email
treatment programs.

The tool is
designed for those who find that
perform basic operations such as
like copy, paste or online
research takes longer than
desired and involves too much

If you are
one of these people keeps
read this message very
carefully because you can find a
very effective solution to some
of your problems.

With that
tool that you can perform
your daily tasks much faster
and with much less effort.

All of us
perform many actions on a
computer with mouse buttons
clicks. It comes so naturally
for many of us that we don’t have
even thought about what it takes
make a single click with a

A mouse
the click doesn’t seem like a big one
treat but when you do and
still all these clicks
translate into a lot of work.

Have you already
calculated how much was left and
right buttons click on your
mouse you have to do to
make a simple computer
command such as Copy or Paste?

A few
clicks and a few seconds not a
big problem, right? Let’s say
you make 100 copies and paste one
day, that translates to 400 clicks
and 400 seconds (almost 7
minutes) which is a lot
the effort and time spent on these
little things. Now it may seem
like a good deal.

Another very
common computer task is
search online. If you do
online searches (especially with
contextual search) then you know
that the majority of those
research tasks involve Copy and
Paste the commands associated with
by clicking on the action command
(for example, Search or Go).

On average,
with a contextual search of the
point when you copy a text you
want to search to the point
where you actually get to the
the actual content you were looking for
because it takes at least 12 (often
much more) mouse clicks and
about 15 seconds.

contextual search:
takes 12 mice
clicks and about 15

If you do
at least 10 searches a day then
it’s not hard to understand
that you should do at least
120 clicks and waste about 4
minutes of your time just on
by clicking on your mouse.

If you are
do extensive online research and
you want to check the same
keyword phrase in multiple
search engines and / or other web
resources (for example,
encyclopedias, dictionaries,
translations, blogs, news, maps,
shopping, etc.)
hundreds of clicks and more
time to waste on these clicks
not to mention the emotional
pain associated with this time
consuming laborious tasks.

From now on
you will no longer suffer,
because i will introduce you
a neat little tool for you
called “Click Cutter”
that will change the way you
use your computer or
The internet in a way that you never
Already seen.

Click on Cutter
greatly reduces the number of
mouse clicks (and therefore your body
energy) when
do actions like Copy, Paste,
Open the browser, do a search
online and many more.

Once you
adapt to the new techniques that you
will never return to your old

Everything you do
Just highlight your text and
give Click Cutter a special
order with your mouse and
will take care of the rest.

For example,
copy and paste with
Click Cutter takes 0 mice

If you are
do an online search Click
Cutter will help you do it
really fast and it only takes 1
mouse click and 1 second of your

It’s a lot
times faster than a traditional
approach to a research task.

Click on Cutter
is a set of 3 tools.

Provides the ability to
perform a search
online from anywhere
on your computer
much faster and only
with just a click of
a button.

Read more

Provides capacity
to automatically
detect, repair and open
(not clickable) or
URLs hidden in
browsers and emails
in email clients
your computer with a
single click of a

Read more

Copy or paste as
never before.
Provides an alternative
faster ways
perform operations
such as Copy, Paste,
Cut and cancel
anywhere on your
computer in
automatic mode with
NO mouse click.

Read more

And the
combination of all tools
makes Click Cutter very
thousands of powerful applications
people use it daily.

You will never be
have to waste your energy and
precious time on those endless
simple mouse clicks
routing tasks because click on
Cutter will do it for you

Unlike all
these “accelerator extensions”
made for some browsers Click
Cutter is an independent stand
application only.

A die
the biggest advantages of this
little tool is that it is
designed to work through your
Windows® computer
operating system and compatible
with many applications, including
major Internet browsers
(Internet Explorer, Firefox,

email programs (clients), MS
text editors (Notepad, WordPad,
etc.) and many other documents
types where text or images can
be highlighted and copied.

So you can
use this tool when you need it
whatever the document
type you work let it be a
web page, MS Word document, Adobe
e-book file type or plain text
file in notepad.

here is a
list of features with more
explanation of what Click Cutter
can do for you.

And if you
are a wireless mouse user here
is something to note.
It is well known that more
often you click with your mouse
most often you have to
change the batteries in your
device. Using Click Cutter
you will click much less and
as well as to make common
IT tasks happen faster
you will also save a lot
money on batteries.

Each click
takes an average of a second and if
you add up all these seconds
over the years it will turn into
100s of hours spent only on
by clicking. If you eliminate some
of those unnecessary clicks
can save hundreds of hours in your
private life.

You can buy
everything in this world but you
cannot save time. What you can
do is you can save some
of that time for better things



I have only been using it for a few days and
already developed a form of
addiction to click cutter. Now I
can’t imagine doing things
without this tool.



That’s all I can say”


fell in love with Clickcutter in 5
a few minutes after I started using it “


can’t believe clickcutter can do
but it really does “



“I have
use many firefox
extensions to do certain tasks while
surf the Internet. Click on Cutter
eliminated the need to have a large number of
these extensions “


“Simple, easy and above all
It works!”


can’t say i like clickcutter. I love

“We downloaded Click Cutter to try
in our office and installed it
almost on all machines. Stay well


“Click on
Cutter is exactly what the doctor


“Everyone must have a piece of
Clickcutter 🙂 “


proggy has great potential. I come
started testing it and it seems

Click cutter just can’t be
true but it’s actually “


Last 5 minutes Click Cutter saved me
25 minutes I would normally have
spend on certain tasks. Should i say

such a simple idea but it’s so
useful! “

I am
constant web search, and
within five minutes of using Click
Cutter, I realized the benefits of
this tool. Good work!



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