To teach, you have to learn

One of the benefits of writing is that it requires you to structure your thoughts.

If you do something to pass a memorization test by heart it may work, but if you try to teach and care about someone else, it forces you to know for sure what you are teaching.

When I was in nuclear school, a guy was about to pass out and I didn’t want to leave him so I taught him stuff for days. He passed this test and as a side effect, I got my highest score I ever got on one of these tests. He ultimately failed, but he knew that other people supported him and tried to help him.

Market your work or become redundant

As work becomes more distant, it will be easier to hire and fire people. People who are good at sharing their work and leaving a public record of it will probably swim in great opportunities, while some equally talented people who haven’t accumulated a little personal brand equity will be laid off multiple times despite that they are surprisingly talented, simply because there has been a turning point in the economy and management is far from talent. As bad as small office politics may be, it will likely become more arbitrary when everyone takes credit for the work of others and people are not sitting side by side to see who actually did the work.

Uber recently announced that they were laying off thousands of employees while they looking to move much of their basic infrastructure work overseas where work is cheaper. Many people will be laid off because unicorns in a recession suddenly benefit from job stability and all the benefits of the labor economy.


We have a great graphic designer passionate about his work. He can hand draw amazing art or comics and is also great for understanding illustration software, web design, web usability, etc. with.

Before COVID-19 killed office work, I sat right next to our main graphic designer and when I watched him use Adobe Illustrator, I was both amazed and annoyed at the ease with which he made things . It is so good at it that its countless features are second nature to it. When I asked him how to do something that I just saw him do frequently, it would be more difficult for him to explain how he did it than to do it.


Our graphic designer is also a fairly solid HTML designer, although of a strictly frontal design. One day when I had an early lunch with my wife, I asked her to create a WordPress theme from her HTML design and when I came back, it was like … ummm. 🙂

I'm leaving my comfort zone.

We are all wizards for some things and horrible for others. When I use Adobe Illustrator for the most basic tasks, I feel like a guy going to a breakdance party without cardboard and 2 shoes left.

There are a number of interesting things about programming

  • it is largely based on logic
  • people who are attracted to it tend to be intelligent
  • people who can organize the code also tend to use the language directly (which makes it easier to find solutions through search)

Although over time, programming languages ​​change functionality and some changes are not backward compatible. And since some free and open source projects accumulate dependencies, they end up promoting the use of managers. Some of them may not be easy to install and configure on a remote shared server (with user authorization issues) from a Windows computer. So, you install another package on your local computer, then you need to research how it came up with an obsolete php track_errors setting. And so on.

Software that I installed on half a dozen sites several moons ago recently launched a new version and the typical 5-minute quick install turned into half a day of nothing. The experience was a bit like a “choose your own adventure” book, where almost every choice you make leads to: start over.

At this point, a lot of the advice that we continue to suggest is that we have exactly the same computer configured, so search again, resolve this problem, turn on error messaging, and find the following problem for … again start at the beginning.

This kind of experience is more than a little humiliating and very easy to live when you leave your own sphere of expertise.

Losing the Beginner’s Mindset

If you do anything for an extended period of time, it’s easy to take a lot for granted, because you’re losing the beginner’s mindset.

One of the reasons why it is important to get out of your area of ​​expertise is to remember what this experience looks like.

I am an expert.

Anyone who has worked in SEO for a decade probably does the same thing when communicating about research assuming the same level of domain expertise and talking to past people. Certain aspects of programming are difficult because they are complex. But when you do simple, small jobs, if things don’t work out, you often get the answer right away. While with SEO, you may be unsure of the results of a large investment in capital and labor until the next time an update to the main algorithm takes place in a quarter. This uncertainty constitutes the barrier to the entry and blocking of institutional investments which allow profit margins above average for those who carry out the cutting, but it also means a long delay and requiring a high level of certainty to make a large investment. .

The difficulty in losing the mindset of beginners with SEO is sometimes that the algorithms change considerably and that you absolutely have to reinvent yourself while launching what you know (use anchor text rich in keywords in an aggressive way, create tons links, exact match domains beat the marks, repeat the keyword in bold on the page, etc.) and try again as the algorithms reshape the playing field.

The web keeps changing

As the basic algorithms evolve, so does the way people use the web. All user behavior changes as search results add more functionality and people search on mobile devices or search using their voices. Now that user engagement is a big part of the ranking, anything that affects brand perception or user experience also has an impact on SEO. Social distancing will have a major impact on how people engage in research. We have already seen a rapid increase in e-commerce at the expense of offline sales and some colleges are planning to keep it fully online next year. The University of California will have about half a million students attending online school next year unless students opt for something cheaper.

What resolution?

I’m horrible with Adobe Illustrator. But one of the things I learned with Photoshop is that if you edit in a rather high resolution, you can make many of your errors disappear with the naked eye when viewed at normal resolution. . The same analogy applies to web design, but in the opposite direction … if your usability is solid on a mobile device and the design looks good on a mobile device, it will probably be decent also on the desktop.

Some people also make a resolution error with SEO.

  • If nobody knows that a site, brand or company has perfectly valid HTML, support for progressive web applications, support for MPA, use of microformats, etc. … has no importance.
  • On the other hand, if a site is well known, it can do a lot of things sub-optimally and perhaps can improve a lot by emulating sites that develop over time despite more brand strength. low.

Free, so good?

Many open source software does not do usability testing or follow the efforts of a somewhat average user or a new user in their ability to download and install software as they think it is free, so people should understand it. This thinking, however, is a mistake, as each successive increase in the entry barrier limits the potential size of your market and, possibly, some former users leave for one reason or another.

Any free software project that accumulates attention and influence can be monetized in other ways (through advice, parallel SaaS offers, integration of affiliate ads, partnership with Hot Nacho to present excellent content in a hidden div using poetic code, etc.). But if they lack range, see their growth slow down, and then increase the barrier to entry, they risk dying.

When you ask someone to pay for something, you will know if they like it and where they think it can be improved. Relying on the free price hides many problems and allows them to accumulate.

The ability to make things easy for absolute beginners largely explains why WordPress is worth many multiples of what Acquia has sold for. And WordPress has its VIP hosting service, Akismet, and a bunch of other sources of revenue while Acquia is now owned by a private equity firm.

It is difficult to succeed at 0.0000001% as well as WordPress without losing the mindset of the beginner.

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