Facebook Ads University

Facebook Ads University

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Introduce Facebook Ads University

This Facebook Ads university has been specially designed to help advertising newbies and pros like you learn more about the Facebook Ad program, so you can maximize all of its components to help serve your business.

This premium course costs around $ 1,000 and was created by JR Fisher. Its main goal is to help you become a successful Facebook advertiser who can progress quickly from a FB Ads beginner to an FB veteran in record time.

This training will help you by giving you tips on how to successfully manage your Facebook advertising campaigns. The topics covered are intensive, ranging from the audience, the targeting option, the landing page, the ad copy, etc.

Facebook Ads University

Facebook Ads University

If you end up buying the Facebook Ads University program, they will give you four bonus software. These were created to help you save time, resources and energy by doing your own research on how to do things efficiently.

This teaches you how to master this powerful channel that is capable of generating paid traffic and attracting many visitors to your business, online and in brick.

The Main Features of Facebook Ads University

The Facebook Ads University program is then divided into several modules. JR Fisher designed the lessons to be easy to understand and apply. Just read several instructions and click on the appropriate applicable tabs.

The entire course covers several different topics that will make you a qualified Facebook ad creator at the end of the program. You have the ability to create great ads that target the right group of people with the perfect selection of keywords that will do wonders for your business.

All of these will work hand in hand for the quick approval and success of your designed Facebook ads.

Take a look below to see the different topics this course will offer you. The highly insightful program will cover all the basics to help beginners better understand the program, at the same time it gives marketers more knowledge so that they can improve their skills.

Facebook Ads University

Set up Pixel by Putting Code 

This lesson covers Facebook Pixel and how to configure it correctly. It will explain the purpose of Pixel and why it is essential to include it on your site.

The course provides a successful formula to follow, such as finding successful competitors, checking their site, reviewing their pixels, choosing their offers, buying their products, etc.


The course emphasizes that to be successful with Facebook Ads, you need to know who to target. This module will help you focus on your main audience, so you can maximize your resources on the right people who can do wonders for your business.

This segment will teach you how to find audiences, find audiences, and then target them. It covers things like interests, size, profiles, etc.

Set up Real Campaign

The next lesson will teach you the anatomy of a real Facebook Ads campaign, so you can really see how it all works. On top of that, the creator of Facebook Ads University, JR Fisher will give you concrete examples of Facebook ads that have worked for him and made his business very successful.

It teaches you how to test your ads before scaling them by configuring several AdSet options. Find the most successful ones and convert them so you don’t waste your budget. You’ll also see the landing page where you generate ads.

Automation and Funnels

The course teaches you how to automate the ads you have made money with, allowing you to scale an ad and reduce your advertising budget. Additional information on how to optimize your audience base is also taught, as well as other tactics such as free shipping offers, dropshipping, etc.

Then you will realize the value of using different advertising funnels to generate more sales from your different offers.

Niche Product Specific 

This module focuses on everything related to niches and their offers. You will learn the requirements for creating an ad copy and how to train with your landing page. Software like Sniply and Social Video Ad Maker will also be introduced.

Facebook Ads University

Scaling Ads for ROI

A special lesson that deals with scaling ads is an important part of the Facebook Ads University program. This is essential to getting great results with your ads and then scaling them up to make more money.

You are assured that you can stop worrying about what works again, but instead you learn to retarget. You will be given instructions on how to use Creative Hub and you will see the different types of ads, so you can choose the right one that will give you a return on your investment.

This is the overall summary of the entire Facebook Ads University training session. Apart from that, you will receive a weekly coaching call. A weekly membership to questions and answers is also included.

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