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Hello, my name is Farhan and I have developed a secret Forex trading strategy
that I use to make myself and many others very rich for many, many
years. My typical jobs make us 300%, 500%
and up to 1000% returns in just a few weeks. Sound
impossible? Well, it isn’t, and I’ll show you the proof. But first …

Let me introduce FX Childs Play Signals – a new service
I introduce to make profit on Forex as simple as child’s play. You do not
need experience in Forex trading for it to work and you can start doing
money TODAY! FX Childs Play Signals is the ONLY signal service that can
multiply your account again and again.

Many Forex Traders Make Many Promises On How They Will Make You
a lot of money. But I’m the only one to show you live
I will provide verifiable and undeniable proof of actual, actual accounts
money, no demos …

Want more evidence?
Watch this next video

OK, OK, just another video proof

I can only accept a limited number of people to become my business partners.
There are only so many accounts that I can manage at the same time. Will you be one of
some lucky people to join me today?

Take this last step to secure your future. Say “yes” to this offer now
before it is too late.

If you need help, please email us at
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The hesitation here will cost you dearly. FxChildsPlaySignals will NOT be
be available forever. It’s time to enjoy
– Go inside and make a ton of money!

Q. What exactly does your Trade Copier (MT4 EA) software do?

A. Trade Copier software (MT4 EA) simply copies Farhan’s trade trade
account – each time it exchanges, to your MT4 account. At once.

Q. What is defensive play?

A. When you join Fx ChildsPlay Signals, your account will receive transactions from
Farhan’s defensive strategy account instantly … trade size will be adjusted
automatically up or down, depending on the difference between Farhan
account size and account size.

Q. What is aggressive mode?

A. This is the next level where your account will receive transactions directly from
Farhan’s aggressive strategy account … trade size will be adjusted
automatically up or down, depending on the difference between Farhan
the size of your account and the size of your account … your account will be closely monitored
make sure it does not go below the initial capital .. and the risk will be 0% because it
will not go below the initial capital and the gains can be 300%, 500% or even 1000%
of your profits. Note: You will need to contact the FxChildsPlaySignals team to
switch to Aggressive mode to risk profits.

Q. Can I stay in defensive mode only?

A. Yes, you can certainly stay in defensive mode for as long as you like. You
never automatically enters aggressive mode without you first
asking us.

Q. Can I start with aggressive mode only?

A. Yes, you can remember it. “Starting with aggressive mode alone is high

Q. I’m from the United States and my broker offers 1:50 leverage, can I
same results from your service?

A. Yes, our professional copier does not use high leverage, we tried to use a US account
with 1:50 leverage using aggressive mode and it produced the same result.

Q. Does my account size matter?

A. No, it is not. Trade sizes will be automatically adjusted up or
down, depending on the difference between the size of the Farhan account and your account

Q. Can I use my current broker? Or do I have to change my broker?

A. Yes! You can continue to use your current broker if you already have an MT4
Account. You do not need to change brokers; our commercial copying software (MT4 EA)
will work on any mt4 platform.

Q. What do you recommend: to try FxChildsPlaySignals with a demo account
first or go directly with a live account?

A. We strongly recommend that you open a demo account first, so that you are comfortable
with our strategy and its psychology. Once you’ve decided to put it online, start with
amount you like, but remember “Never trade with money you can’t afford
to lose.”

Q. Do I need to run a VPS?

A. Yes. We recommend using a VPS connection with our 24/5 copier account
without any interruption.

Q. Is there a monthly subscription, or is it a one-time fee and is there
hidden fees?

Q. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A. Yes, of course – you can do it anytime!

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee As Vendor Policy

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