What is Rank and Rent? In his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki talks about the importance of building assets.

Assets create wealth… and those who are rich (or want to get rich) build assets and invest them to incur more expenses and liabilities.

This is why for several hundred years, investors and entrepreneurs have invested in physical real estate.

Physical real estate is an asset that allows an investor to achieve a regular and stable cash flow every month.

But as we move into the information age, more and more types of real estate are popping up …

Rank And Rent is a new type of real estate… “Digital Real Estate”

Here’s the principle… we build very simple websites that look like real businesses. Take the example of a plumbing company.

We would create a website that looked like a real plumbing company in a local town… and we would get that website ranked on the first page of Google using SEO tactics which we’ll discuss later.

This website therefore appears first when someone types “Plumbing in [city]”.

And this is where it gets interesting… the calls start coming in from people in this town looking for help… these people need plumbing, roofing or whatever you offer.

Your Rank and Rent website can now be leased to a local business

There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there that would pay you big bucks to access these leads… so here’s what you do.

Get them to agree to “rent” your website for $ 500 – $ 1,000 per month. In return, they get FULL access to all leads and calls from that website.

If your website generates 25-50 customers per month, you’ve made this business several thousand dollars.

You become a lifeboat for them in hard times and fuel for their fire in good times.

For this reason, these companies will be with you for a VERY LONG time.

How To Get A Business To Take Your Rank And Rent Sites

When you start to generate calls, take the first ones yourself.

The customer will come to you for help.

So you’re going to say, “Ok, what’s your contact information? I’ll see what technicians are in the field right now to come and help you.

Then you find a local business that advertises online or is on the 4th or 5th page of Google.

Call them, give them the customer information and ask if they can help IMMEDIATELY.

They always say yes because they need customers. Businesses always want more customers.

Do this four or five times and the company will come back and say, “Hey… where do you find these people… and how do we get more of them?”

And just like that, you can tell them about your process and how many people you’re having.

If they’re skeptical, offer them a full week of customers for free. This, on its own, should pay off several months of your “rent”.

When you have a steady flow of leads, it’s easy to get your customers to “hire”.

How do you get your sites to rank in the first place?

Excellent question! In short, it all starts with choosing the right cities and niches …

Here’s what I’m looking for to determine niches and cities.

# 1 – Emergency services easy to categorize into tree service.

# 2 – Great value services. Ideally, services cost several thousand dollars and people act quickly (see return to “emergency services”).

# 3 – Cities of 100,000 to 300,000 inhabitants.

# 4 – Low competition that I know I can beat (I personally use Ahrefs to verify domain authority, but there are other tools you can use as well)

When you choose the right cities and niches, ranking becomes MUCH easier.

From there, I want to build a high quality Rank and Rent site that is professional, has great content, and convinces visitors to call us instead of another ‘business’.

We will optimize our websites for the main keywords that users would type into Google to find our website… but also look for opportunities that your competition might miss.

For example, “tree service” is a common term. However, a lot of people miss out on “emergency stump grinding” because they don’t do their due diligence to see what users are typing into Google and looking for.

A few minutes of work could pay off if you get a lot of extra calls… and if you’re new to Rank and renting, know this…

The more leads / calls you get from your Rank and Rent site, the more money you can charge! Want to see how Saravanan ranked and praised their first website? He’s put together a video showing you the exact process. Check it out.

Improve your ranking and your rental site

Now that your site is built you want to do a few things to power it up … here is the short and skinny one of it

  • Create local quotes with website name, address (if you have one), and phone number you use
  • Make press releases to build trust in Google
  • Get authority links from blogs, chambers of commerce and other relevant websites
  • Create social profiles that link to your site

And if you do these quick and easy tasks and pick the right city, you should be able to rank your website with relative ease.

We recommend that you start with simple quotes. This will give you a good basis for seeing where you land in Google. After that, you can improve your site by making press releases and adding blog links to your website.

Work gradually because you don’t want to be doing everything at once and doing a lot more work than you need to.

Rank and Rent is not a complicated business model. It’s simple, fairly straightforward, and if you do it effectively, you can have recurring passive income for years to come.

Saravanan and I are both doing Rank and Rent. In fact, Saravanan is an SEO genius who has built an empire of Rank and Rent sites and has over $ 25,000 in income per month on his sites.

We understand that grading and rent, especially if you are new, can be confusing.

That’s why we offer free on-demand training showing you the exact process step by step. You will watch as we go through the whole process together. Want to register? Head to https://rankandrentit.com/training

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