Phone Photography Tricks

Phone Photography Tricks

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Phone Photography Tricks

Phone Photography Tricks

Hello, my name is Carl Hartman and I am a professional photographer.

Some of my friends even claim that I am crazy about photography. But there has been a recent shift in photography technology that has really impressed me. Here’s why…

For more than 25 years, I have studied and mastered the photography of effects and stuff.

At the start of my career, I got a mentorship with award-winning industrial photographer Robert Thornton. I then became editor and executive producer at Universal Studios and PBS for 12 years.

Later, I worked as a director for live action sequences in the best-selling computer games, DOOM and Chess Wars. More recently, I won the “Best of the Best” award from PBS and the “Most Creative” award from US International Film and Video.

But thanks to new technology, beginners in complete photography can take photos almost as well as what I can do ¬¬– and they can do it without spending thousands of dollars and months of time learning tricks of the trade .

With my new digital SLR, I took pictures of breathtaking special effects that I never even dreamed of taking with my old point-and-shoot camera. Some of my photos were so amazing that my friends refused to believe I had taken them until I showed them the photos on my camera.

It was about twenty years ago. Today, things are completely different.

Technology has evolved at the speed of light. While many photographers still believe that they need sophisticated DSLRs to capture quality photos, the truth is that you can actually…

Once you know how to use your smartphone as a high-end DSLR, you can use it to capture spectacular photos like these:

Okay, take a look at the two images below.

Can you see the difference?

Well, the photo on the left was taken by the iPhone 3GS (with the help of a special image enhancement app which we’ll talk about in a moment.)

Since the technology of camera phones has become super advanced, the qualities of the photos are almost identical.

In fact, there is a whole “iPhoneography” movement going on right now, where world class photographers are abandoning their usual camera equipment and taking photos only on their iPhones!

And here’s the kick (and why I’m so ticked off): There are still a lot of self-righteous photography experts who claim that you need at least a Nikon D5100, telephoto lenses, and their evening class of 6 weeks just to start taking great pictures yourself.

As a person who has lived, slept and breathed photography all their life, I can tell you….

I’m tired of seeing struggling photographers getting beaten up because they can’t fully understand the perplexed camera functions … or sit for hours of scary and boring lectures, or shell out the funds for a 6 week course on money.

Phone Photography Tricks

I blame the arrogant “gurus” who think they are helping you with professional photography lessons. But they actually scare new photographers with their lucrative prices and complicated instructions.

I got so hot under the collar by this nonsense that I made it my personal mission to show everyone a much easier way to take breathtaking pictures

The truth is that if you have a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, whatever), you already have everything you need to create amazing photos that will amaze you and your friends.

In fact, the phone you already own may be an even better camera than some high-end DSLRs.

When you finally discover the secrets to deceive photography and special effects on your smartphone, you can…

… Master the basics of photography and shorten your learning curve by at least 6 months…

… Instantly apply these tips and techniques to the very next photo you take – Many pros have paid thousands of dollars to learn these secrets… and absolutely hate to reveal them at all costs! …

… Soar the activity on your Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr pages… and receive praise and massive recognition from other members on online photo sharing communities!

The good news is that all of this is possible because I have just put together a full 20 video training course. You will discover how to improve your “normal” shots while transforming yourself into a clever photography pro.

The videos are divided into easy-to-follow lessons that let you take great photos and breathtaking special effects that you and your friends won’t believe.

This course is designed to transform a beginner in complete photography into an accomplished smartphone photographer in the shortest possible time.

Each lesson contains the essentials that you need to know so that you can take stunning photos with your smartphone. There is no fluff or filling and I won’t waste your time with the outdated theory either.

I took the most crucial photography concepts that I learned during my 25 years of professional photography and distilled them into a powerful collection of lessons that I will serve you throughout this course.

Phone Photography Tricks

Phone Photography Tricks

Most beginners take 6 to 12 months to get through the troubled amateur phase, but you will get around it completely with these shortcut secrets.

I have included homework at the end of each lesson so you can apply what you learn and take amazing photos right away. These exercises will “wire” every lesson into your brain, so you will really improve … in a flash.

You are going to put all the other smartphone users to shame.

Although they still have no idea, they will only wonder why everyone online is absolutely crazy about your photos, not theirs.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find in the phone photography tips…

And believe it or not, you can create these spectacular images…

You will not need PhotoShop because I included my course is photo editing software which is practically identical.

In fact, you may find it even easier and more intuitive to use. So you can recreate some of the most “advanced” photography stuff without getting slapped by Photoshop’s hard learning curve.

You are only minutes away from developing professional-level skills that will support you throughout your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a real photography freak or just interested in improving your photos. As long as you have a smartphone and want to take deadly photos, this course will revolutionize the way you take photos forever.

Thousands of likes on Facebook and hundreds of friend requests through your site! Now, I’m excited every time I post photos on Facebook, because I know it will get a lot of likes and praise from my family and friends!

Michelle Adams
Los Angeles, California.

All my Facebook friends were shocked after posting photos of my vacation in Miami. They thought I had paid a professional photographer to capture these photos or I took photography tutorials. Some people thought I had bought a new DSLR camera. I have received hundreds of comments of praise and questions about my photography skills. They didn’t believe me when I told them I was only using my smartphones! Now they want me to come on their trips and vacations – all expenses paid – just to take their pictures! All thanks to Phone Photography Tricks!

Robert Owens
Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Zero views per day, no comments in posts or photos, and zero requests to add friends have been things of my online dating site profile in the past. Now I have a lot of friends. I have their attention. Some that I have frequented, some that I have already met over coffee, and some are intended for networking my games and some men with whom I chat for lonely nights when I cannot sleep. I can’t believe what the phone photography tricks can do! Just an amazing profile photo using their tips, my life had changed overnight! Glory!

Jo Paredes
Calgary, Canada

I was never comfortable posing in front of the camera until a friend showed me a photo he took with his phone. It was an incredibly great photo! I have never seen myself like this in my whole life! I bought myself the same functionality in and from there, I love capturing photos wherever I go. It’s really addictive. I have already started to organize my own album and collect wonderful pictures of my travel events! Thank you Phone Photography Tricks for my new hobby found. More power!

Maurizio Amario
Rome, Italy

Most of my friends are passionate about photography. Some of them had chosen photography as their profession. I envy then because they have the latest and most expensive DSLR camera. When we meet or go out, I’ve always heard them talk about the latest gadgets. It always makes me want to own one, but I couldn’t afford it. Then I tried using my Android phone and posted some of my photos to my social media profile. Our paths crossed again at a party, they go crazy after I told them I don’t have a new camera! They love my photos. They thought I was becoming one of them and stole their clients when some of them commented on the post wanting to hire my service! With Phone Photography Tricks, the program proves that you don’t have to buy an expensive camera to get beautiful, professional-looking photographs. Who knows and maybe later, I will consider this as a sideline.

Gary Edcel
Phoenix, Arizona

Now you may be wondering …

… And on top of that, your teacher will force you to buy a DSLR camera and expensive equipment…

Worse, these courses will consist of long and long instructions and uninteresting theory. Instead of having fun learning photography, you’ll feel like you’re in a boring physics conference.

And if you’ve ever had boring lessons before, you know how quickly you start forgetting what you’ve learned in previous weeks. It’s money and wasted time.

(Make no mistake. These courses are great if your goal is to become a professional photographer. But for the average person who just wants more activity on their Flickr page, win some photo contests or just take nicer photos, these options are way too expensive.)

Listen, it puts me to the test when I see young photographers being ripped off by greedy “experts” in photography and their useless classes.

It turns my stomach when I hear a young photographer say that if he does not have a high-end DSLR, he will never be able to take quality photos.

And it breaks my heart when these new guys get discouraged and give up photography all together.

This is why I offer this course as low as possible.

Well, at the beginning, there were more experienced photographers who helped me out when I had questions. Although I don’t have the time to personally mentor each worthy candidate, I have decided to help as many people as possible with this program.

In fact, I am so sure you will be absolutely delighted with this program, I will save every promise I make on this page with …

Phone Photography Tricks

Here’s how it works: go ahead and sign up for my “phone photography tips”.

Browse the video lessons and if you are not convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt … anytime … this incredible course is not all that I just wrote, then i insist that you contact me immediately for a full refund.

That’s right, if you are not completely satisfied with this course, send me an email within 8 weeks from today, and I will return every penny to you … no questions asked.

This is how I am convinced that these photography techniques will enhance “all the smartphone photos you take from now on.

To help you make a much easier decision, I will also offer you killer bonuses. (I feel very generous.)

If you’re feeling stuck, want more insider tips, or just want to talk to a professional about the store, just send me a message and I’ll get back to you quickly, usually within one business day.

This report will reveal the secrets of highlighting your photos on Instagram and Flickr. You will find out exactly how to consistently produce incredible photos that gain the respect and admiration of others. Don’t be surprised when you start to be treated like a “mini celebrity” on these sites.

This special report will show you how to make money with photography and turn your hobby into a passive part-time income stream. Even some professionals don’t even know these simple steps to collect royalties for life on your photos … and it’s much easier than you think!

Note: These special bonuses are a limited time offer only and will quickly be deleted quickly.

To summarize, you get my full video course “Phone Photography Tricks”. It has everything you need to start taking amazing phone photos that will impress your friends.

So now you have 2 choices.

Just click the “Add to Cart” button below. You will be redirected to a secure order page that uses higher level 128 bit security encryption to ensure your information is 100% secure.

After entering your credit card or Paypal information, you will be redirected to the member area, where you can watch the videos and download the bonuses immediately.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 a.m. on a Saturday. You can take this course now and improve your photography skills at least 5 times in just a few hours.

Go ahead and click “Add to Cart” now.

Then, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with the content, you can just drop me an email and get a full refund. No problem. No questions asked. But no matter what you decide, the special bonuses are yours to keep just for trying out our program.

Sign up now and start taking amazing photos today!

Remember, these are tips and techniques that I have personally invested in tens of thousands of dollars and over 25 years of my life to learn. You get all of my best secrets, knowledge and wisdom for just a tiny fraction of that.

Go ahead and order by clicking on the link below. You are only minutes away from taking incredible photos for the rest of your life.

For your success, Carl Hartman

P.S. Unexpected bonus: if you invest in this course today, I will also share with you my private portfolio of over 300 creative photographs taken by world-renowned photographers around the world.

Combined with the tips and techniques you will learn in this course, these photos will inspire you massively and “unlock” your creativity, allowing you to create photos of this unusual world on demand!



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