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The fastest, simplest, and most robust tool for profitable keyword discovery

An interface to explore the sites, backlinks and get the most crucial SEO metrics

Manage and track all your projects seamlessly from a single interface

Detailed ranking tracking for all major search engines, across different devices and geographic areas

Grow your business and gain more customers with a full suite of customer acquisition tools

Create awesome white-label PDF reports for your clients or yourself in just a few clicks

Discover thousands of keyword ideas for each niche, as well as advanced statistics for each keyword. SERPed connects directly with Google, Bing and other databases to provide accurate and always up-to-date recommendations.

In-depth analysis and monitoring of backlinks for total control over off-site optimization factors. Unveil authority and backlinks from all areas, each audited for the most crucial SEO metrics. SERPed offers a detailed profile analysis for each incoming link to your website or that of a competitor.

Search and buy domains seamlessly across multiple leading markets in one central console. Discover new domains, discover authoritative expired domains or grab a hidden gem up for auction, all inside SERPed. Finding the perfect URL for your new project has never been easier.

Whether it’s managing one or hundreds of websites for clients, SERPed makes project management simple and intuitive. The dashboard for each project provides a high-level summary of important metrics with the ability to search for detailed and advanced information on each aspect of SEO.

Track precisely where your projects appear on major search engines, including Google of course, but also Amazon and YouTube. Be as specific as you want, follow your ranking at the level of a country, a city or even a district on mobile and other devices. Our proprietary ranking tracking technology is so good that our API even powers other leading SEO tools.

SERPed offers tools to manage and track social cues for your own projects or client projects on all major social media networks. Social signals are analyzed by search engines, which gives your websites a good ranking.

Our platform is not only powered by a suite of advanced SEO tools, but also by a thriving community of experienced professionals who help each other through our integrated market.

SERPed allows you to easily differentiate yourself in the crowded and competitive SEO services market.
Not only does this help strengthen relationships and loyalty with your existing customers, but it also simplifies the acquisition of new customers through automated and intuitive tools.
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Focus more on delivering exceptional services to your customers by automating mundane and time-consuming but essential processes.
Impress your clients with magnificent and comprehensive reports on the progress of their project.
Reports can be fully customized to match your brand and specifications.
SERPed will automatically send the reports to your customers or to you at intervals you specify, daily, weekly or monthly.

Multi-user accounts on SERPed facilitate team collaboration.
Communicate seamlessly, create tasks and assign them to your team.
Our team tools will help you streamline your company’s internal processes and workflows for increased productivity and profitability.

The Agency add-on module unlocks access to a suite of robust tools adapted to the needs of SEO agencies and large teams, at a low monthly cost. Access advanced features, including fully customizable and white label customer dashboards, additional customer acquisition tools, social monitoring and more.

Keep your customers satisfied by giving them access to the growth of their project with customer portals. Your customers will be able to see the progress of their project at any time in real time. Customer dashboards can be fully customized with widgets to meet your specific needs.
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I receive endless amounts of new tools all the time, everyone thinks they have built the best SEO tools and it is very rare that anyone gets my attention.
When Colin reached, he hooked me up on the ninja SEO tools! You can perform niche research, competitive analysis, download your competitors’ backlinks, find location quotes, search for expired domains, see the keywords your site is currently ranking for, monitor availability, create custom reports … Heck, he even has a very powerful SEO client acquisition tools that I use with my own agency. There are really too many features to list …

The set of tools available in SERPed is great and it is wonderful to have all of these capabilities under one umbrella application.
To top it off, the development team is very responsive to requests and is always looking to add more functionality and improve an already great product.
Because of the trust I have in SERPed, I saved money because I stopped looking for or buying other solutions.

If you do SEO, SERPed is an essential tool. It’s that simple. It has all the tools you need to run and manage your SEO and everything under one roof. This is what makes it really powerful. The best part is that you get it all for a price that is one sixth of the actual price that you have to shell out for all the other tools. It is an absolutely incredible tool to have in your arsenal.

It is an absolute privilege to be a member of SERPed: its wide and diversified range of functionalities makes it truly precious for anyone involved in SEO and Internet marketing.
I have never been able to find a service like SERPed before, and I intend to maintain my membership; it is something that has become an invaluable resource for me, and I would not want to have access to it!

There is no shortage of good SEO tools, but SERPed is the first I found that combines all the tools I need to manage my local SEO projects under a single dashboard.
SERPed helped me quickly organize my project and saved me money on other subscriptions that I no longer need.
Great product, awesome community and great support.


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