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It doesn’t matter whether you are an affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, PPC campaign manager, content creator or ecommerce seller – keyword research is a critical task.

So here’s the question …

What is the BEST source of top quality keywords?

The Google and Amazon search fields for automatic entry of “suggested results”.

If you live under a rock, this is how it works …

When a user starts typing a search query into the Google or Amazon search bar, the systems try to automatically complete your entry and return keyword suggestions.

These tools produce PRIME keywords because they are based on ACTUAL INSIGHT collected from Google search results and Amazon sales.

These suggestions are both powerful and meaningful, as they are generated by real users.

This means that the results returned are VERY RELEVANT to the query.

But, unfortunately, there is a problem. A large…

These tools – Google and Amazon – each return only 10 keywords.

Therefore, the value and usefulness of these tools is severely limited by the tiny QUANTITY of keywords they produce.

And that made me think …

“What if there was a way to get these tools to return HUNDREDS of keywords at a time.”

The thing is, … my business partner and I have been marketing the Internet for 12 years. Market research, keyword research and brainstorming of ideas are things we do EVERY DAY.

So, we knew EXACTLY what we wanted in terms of the keyword tool.

The main tools we use are the “Suggested Results” search fields of Amazon and Google. This is because the results they provide have proven – time after time – incredibly relevant (which gives us a competitive advantage).

What we wanted was a way to put both Amazon and Google suggest search boxes for steroids.

So that’s what we worked on.

You see … my business partner is also an experienced programmer (and has been for 28 years).

So I got the raw idea, he planned it, and then we both started programming, testing and refining our new tool …

SKT has POWERFUL features …

The software is very easy to use. The first time you use the onscreen guide, it will walk you through all of the steps.

(You can run the on-screen guide again by simply clicking on the “i” icon. There is also a “?” Icon for the FAQ.)

Once you run the software, you just type in the keyword you want to search for, select Google and / or Amazon, then click SEARCH.

You can even extend your results by activating the EXTRA BOOST option. (It is generally used after the initial search has been performed.)

You can also create a TAIL of keywords. In this way, the tool can automatically search on several keywords, one after the other.

Once the search process is complete, you can then copy or export your results.

In short, our NEW tool is for EVERYONE who needs to generate quality keywords … or, EVERYONE who needs valuable keyword information based on actual Google searches and Amazon sales.

So you will understand exactly how it works, let me walk you through the process …

With the standard search boxes suggested, if you start typing “lcd tv a” you will get this result:

However, our software does collect suggestions for ALL variations of the search – from Google and Amazon.

In addition, it removes duplicates and creates a list that can be copied or exported as a CSV file.

So if you run a query with our tool (for the same search as above), it will generate a list by iterating through ALL possible variations:

lcd tv has …
lcd tv b …

lcd tv z …
lcd tv 0 …
lcd tv 1 …

lcd tv 9

As a result, you will generate about 360 results from Google and 360 others from Amazon – about 720 keywords in total.

But SKT goes even further …

Because you can refine the results returned in a shorter keyword list. Then you can perform an extended search using our EXTRA BOOST function.

This way you can get an even deeper level of results.

The results you generate are extremely useful.

To Do Keyword Research: your PPC campaigns (AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, Bing and other platforms) will benefit.

As a market researcher: you can find out what people are looking for on Google and buying from Amazon. (Tip: Once you know what people are looking for and buying, you can make GREAT PROFITS by giving it to them.)

To collect ideas for content: you’ll never run out of ideas for blog posts, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, etc.

For example, you can use our tool to search for the phrase “how to” and get hundreds of RELEVANT and in-demand ideas for your content. (The same can be done with other terms such as “top 10”, “reviews” and more.)

To extract ideas for on-demand ecommerce products: Amazon and Google KNOW which buyers are actively looking for and buying.

If you manage an ecommerce store (using a platform such as Shopify), you will be able to effortlessly generate an unlimited number of product ideas for your online store.

To generate domain name ideas: Whether you’re flipping domains to make quick money or looking for large domains for your own use, you’ll find SKT to be incredibly useful.

Question: What are the system requirements? Will it work on a Mac?

The software is desktop based. It can run on Mac and Windows computers. All you need is an internet connection.

Question: Is there a help file or manual?

Our on-screen guide is integrated into the software. Help is always just a click away.

Question: Are software upgrades included?

Yes. We will provide free upgrades for a FULL YEAR from the date of your purchase. But – even after a year – you will still own the current version of the software installed on your computer. You can therefore continue to use it FOR LIFE.

Question: Does the software retrieve new data each time you search … or is the data old (cached)?

Our software extracts results from Google and Amazon directly and on the fly. We do not store or accumulate old data. Each search is a new request … for optimal results.

Question: Can the generated keywords be EASILY exported?

Yes. Our software provides lists of keywords that can be copied or exported to a CSV file (so that you can easily import the data into other programs).

Question: is it easy to install?

Yes. It’s very easy. No configuration is required.

We are so sure you will love the suggested keyword tool that if you are not completely satisfied – anytime within 60 days – let us know and we will reimburse you with no hassle or catch.

In fact … we will even let you KEEP THE SOFTWARE.

Either you are completely happy or you get your money back. Period.

This is a RISK-FREE offer. You simply CANNOT lose.

We are able to make this SUPER STRONG warranty because we know how valuable and efficient our software is.

If you don’t use the suggested keyword tool, you’re wasting time … and time is money.

How much is your time worth?

Also, let me ask you one last question …

How many software tools have you bought that just sit on your hard drive and pick up (digital) “dust”?

Well … it won’t be one of them!

Because it is a tool that you will actually use.

EACH online distributor NEEDS quality keywords. They are ESSENTIAL for SEO, PPC, content creation and many other purposes.

And there are NO UPSELLS!

The Suggested Keywords tool is an INCREDIBLE VALUE. To obtain your copy, simply click on the order button below …

Yours for high quality keywords,

Kobi Triki and the SKT development team

P.S. The suggested keyword tool allows you to quickly and easily find high quality keywords. For affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, content creators and e-commerce sellers, this is an essential tool. Take your copy now …

P.P.S. Remember: your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. This is a RISK-FREE offer. You can’t lose. So order today …

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee As Vendor Policy

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