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Big companies spend millions of dollars every year to make sure their products are part of a bigger story, a bigger image, and that they stand out from the crowd. Not only is “storytelling” a secret formula for increasing customer engagement, it’s an investment that pays off immediately by increasing the perceived dollar value of the product. Smart online sellers are already using this tactic to increase profits, improve reach, and instill unprecedented loyalty. With THANKSBLOCK, we’re taking this game to the next level and democratizing these essential tips and hacks. Because everyone, everywhere, deserves financial freedom.

The Power of Gifting is the power to unbox your: Personal Brand, a Memorable Experience, and Customer Loyalty 

Each THANKSBLOCK Kit Includes…

Using the THANKSBLOCK KIT anyone can easily build their own unique unboxing experience on e-commerce platforms such as:

Fact: Most people think of the holiday season as a popular shopping time of year by tradition. Well guess again. “The Art of Giving” is the most powerful branding tactic that has the power not only to generate PROFITS, but also to generate incredible savings.

Stop wasting money on expensive gifts, but unwrap gift art with a story that can turn anything into the best gift ever.

With a THANKSBLOCK kit, you can literally turn everything into the perfect gift automatically. An item from a garage sale, thrift store, or even your own stuff that you no longer use can all have a unique story. It’s the most unique gift, not the most expensive, that always wins.

Dare to reuse, reuse or repackage an existing item as a gift and thus help redefine sustainability.


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