As a consumer, it would be almost impossible to count the number of email funnels that have reached your inbox.

We can safely say it has been a lot. Businesses love email funnels because they quickly move new subscribers to their first purchase. Let’s take a look at the Customer Value Journey to get a sense of where your prospects are when they become subscribers.

the Customer value journey is the distance traveled by a prospect between discovering the existence of a business (step 1: awareness) and becoming such an enthusiastic fan of it that he actively promotes the business as a salesperson only they pay you (Step 8: Promote). 📣

When we talk about email funnels, we are talking about moving a prospect choosing to become a subscriber (step 3: subscription) to purchasing your first offer (step 4: conversion).

Mail funnels are very important in the marketing world because they work… really great. People are again listening to their inboxes, check out these statistics OptinMonster:

  • 99% of email users check their email every day
  • 85% of the people you email will receive your email
  • Over 75% of teens still use email

Yes, you don’t need to know how to renegade on TikTok anytime soon; emails can reach any demographic you are interested in.

How Mail Funnels Work

Mail funnels turn subscribers into customers using specific strategies for selling products or services. We’ll cover these strategies in a minute, but first, take a look at the feedback companies are seeing on their email funnels:

The number of emails you use in your funnel will depend on what you’re selling, but you will typically use a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7. If your subscriber hasn’t converted your seventh email regarding this offer – then you don’t want to keep bombarding them with it.

When you build your email funnel, you are going to be very focused on the copy you use. There are 4 emotional triggers to use in your email funnels:

  1. Profit: what does the subscriber gain by purchasing the product / service?
  2. Logic: Why does purchasing the product / service make sense to them?
  3. Fear: what if they don’t buy the product / service?
  4. Rarity: how long should they choose to buy this specific product / service?

Each email will follow a similar pattern:

  1. Introduction: Give a warm introduction to what you are about to talk about (you wouldn’t approach someone or start talking without at least saying a few words of introduction first)
  2. Body: Use gain, logic, fear and / or scarcity to show them why this offer is important to them NOW
  3. Close: create a clear call to action
  4. PS (not always used): add extra gain, logic, fear or scarcity

Here’s an example of the messaging funnel we ran for our Napkin Challenge. The first email uses logic and curiosity to make the subscriber want to create a marketing plan that gets them customers.

Object: The towel that cleaned up a $ 248,000 mess

Text preview: A practical guide to solving a BIG problem

As for the fear of business owners facing the complication of marketing these days, our second email was quick and to the point.

Object: why is it so complicated?

Text preview: Marketing may not be the problem.

And then our third email used everything we know about the weak points of our avatars (thanks to the Customer avatar worksheet) to show them what they would gain from participating in the Napkin Challenge.

Object: it’s time to press the reset button

Text preview: There is no “do more” button, just “do better”

If you want to know more E-mail funnels, take a look at your inbox. Now that you know what an email funnel is, you will realize that you have received a lot of these emails in the past. Some may have worked well (you bought the product) and others not so well (either the funnel was turned off or you weren’t their target avatar).

Email funnels are an integral part of marketing strategies because they are the platform that takes subscribers from Stage 3 of the Customer Value Journey to Stage 4, the stage where they become your new customers. business.

And that’s a big deal for every business. 🎉

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Originally posted 2020-08-29 20:28:34.


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