We don’t need to tell you how important vacations are to B2C businesses.

Chances are, you’re not only aware of how much money consumers spend on vacation, you’re also one of those consumers.

In 2019, Shopify broke its Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday record with $ 2.9 billion in global sales. As a benchmark, in 2018, they had sales of $ 1.8 billion. Yeah … they got bigger by a billion.

Peak holiday sales reached $ 1.5 million per minute and 25.5 million customers have purchased something from a Shopify store.

If you’re like us at DigitalMarketer, you see two things: opportunity and strategy.

The opportunity to make your product the answer to your consumers’ gift-buying problems is imminent. There is something you have (your product) that your customer wants. Strategy comes into play when planning your vacation strategy now.

You don’t want to be battling at the end of October with your fingers crossed to make your put together holiday marketing strategy work. Instead, you want to be sure you’re about to make some serious conversions because you’re using the ads that have been performing well all year, giving them a huge advantage during the buying craze. festivals.

It is also crucial to take into account the past year. COVID-19 has changed buying habits, and investing a marketing budget in a campaign you’re not entirely sure about isn’t necessarily the best idea. (This is the best way we can tell).

Before the pumpkin spice is fresh in the air, you need to figure out your holiday marketing strategy so you know exactly what you need to prepare for this year’s vacation.

If you’re a B2C business owner and ready to crush the holiday sales, here are 4 tips to get you started.

Determine the vacations that interest your audience the most

This is the first tip for a reason: you have to do it first. For different products, the consumer may care more about one holiday than another.

It’s easy to figure out for holiday specific products (like Halloween costumes or Christmas decorations), but what if your product performs well as a Cyber ​​Monday deal? and as a Christmas present?

Create 2 different ad copies. Prior to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you will feature ad copy that describes your product as something the person who buys it wants to own.

The copy leading up to the December vacation will be different. This copy will talk about your product as a gift. You can use testimonials from satisfied customers, customers who received the item as a gift, or people who gave it away and were delighted with the person’s response.

What’s this DIY gift kits made for their product of a DIY hot sauce kit (thanks to the help of Molly Pittman!).

Here’s the ad they run to promote their product as something the buyer wants to own:

Hot sauce ad for gift kits with marketing copy

And here’s the ad they’re running to promote their DIY hot sauce kit as a giveaway:

DIY gift kits with gift copy that might work for a holiday marketing strategy

So, once you have selected the vacation targeting for your product, you can move on to creating the driving factors for your ads.

Use urgency to show customers it’s a short-term offer

Like any holiday marketing ad, time is running out. Your customers will be aware of this when they see your copy mentions the holidays and offer a discount / promotion because of it, but you still want to remind them.

You can remind them in your messaging funnel or in the a d copy himself. Give your customers a final date for the end of the sale (eg December 17th) to create a sense of urgency.

Then double that urgency with an offer that’s hard to beat.

It can be something like buying a set of knives and getting a free wooden cutting board, but only if you buy before 12/4. If you buy after the knife set is still at a discount, but the cutting board is not included.

This creates double urgency (as long as you are upselling a product your customers want).

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Compare your vacation listings with what is already working

Chances are, you already have the basis for a killer vacation ad. And that’s probably an ad that’s already been released. So take a look at which ads are working well for you right now and check out how you could transform the copy and CTA to be vacation-friendly.

Little tip, make sure you find the best ads that you could turn into vacation campaigns before you sit down with your team to discuss your strategy this year. You don’t want to waste time finding the top performing ads once you’ve got your team together. Have someone collect the data ahead of time, so your team is ready with ideas when you sit down together.

For example, let’s say this Facebook ad was successful in getting people to buy Miracle brand antibacterial leaves throughout the year.

Advertisement for miracle brand antibacterial leaves that mention the leaves have "change of opinion"

Ahead of their vacation reunion, the Miracle Brand team were starting to think about how they could change this ad to make it more festive. For example, they might reposition the copy to show how it’s the perfect holiday gift for those you care about.

Can go can use the same strategy. Their Instagram ad promotes their feature that lets you remove backgrounds with just one click, which is ideal for ecommerce businesses. They can easily turn the script and layout of that ad into an ad that shows how to remove backgrounds specifically for vacation related products.

an ad for a canva tool that allows you to change the background image, which would be very useful for vacation marketing

Remember, the holidays don’t mean you need entirely new content. If you already know which ads work, use their strengths and find out how you can make small changes that fuel the holidays.

Use vacation specific content to drive website visitors to your landing page

If your funnel involves presale items, like BOOM! By Cindy Joseph Uses To Acquire New Customers, Turn Your Presale Item Into A Vacation Themed Item. For example, BOOM! the makeup line could use a pre-sale item from 5 vacation makeup tips for older women. This is not far from their original pre-sale article, 5 Makeup Tips For Older Women.

BOOM! Presale content that can be used as an example for some holiday presale content.

Moment could do the same. They have a Kickstarter campaign for their work gear. The Moment team can edit the copy in the email below to talk about getting the perfect work backpack from anywhere for their newly distant spouse, family or friends, which redirects traffic to their Kickstarter page.

an advertisement for Moment for a kickstarter for travel gear to work

See what we’re doing here?

We’re looking for ways to turn what is already working into a holiday marketing strategy, without reinventing the wheel. The holidays are a time of opportunity and strategy, implement both and you have a winning announcement.

If you are a B2C business, now is the time to create your perfect vacation deal, so you are ready for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and December holidays.

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Originally posted 2020-08-29 20:28:35.


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